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Older men - Parkinson

The use of ILF neurofeedback in Parkinson's disease - background and case studies

In the study - Managing intractable symptoms of Parkinson's Disease: A nonsurgical approach employing infralow frequency neuromodulation - the authors argue why ILF neurofeedback can have positive effects on the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Three case studies are also discussed.

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Dze L K'ant Friendship Centre Society

Customer Highlight: Dze L K'ant Friendship Centre Society

Meet the Dze L K'ant Friendship Centre Society in British Columbia!

The Dze L K’ant Friendship Centre Society is an organization guided by Aboriginal values that provides activities, services and information to all people. It focuses on developing skills and strengths while incorporating spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being to help people become self-sufficient and self-reliant. The Friendship Centre is dedicated to promoting awareness among all people.

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Dashunda Washington

Customer Highlight: Dashunda Washington, M.A., MFT

Meet Dashunda Washington, CEO of Life Healing Therapy, LLC & Neurotherapy in Chesapeake, VA! 

Dashunda is a pre-licensed resident in Marriage Family and Couple Therapy. She was first introduced to neurofeedback as an intern at Fly Family Therapy under the supervision of Dr. Lanier Fly, Kristen Fly (LMFT), and Dr. David Fly. 

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Case study shows the use of ILF Neurofeedback in patients with Dravet syndrome

This case study investigates how an intervention with ILF-neurofeedback training (ILF-NFT) can affect the symptoms of an eight-year-old patient with Dravet syndrome (DS), a rare and severely debilitating form of epilepsy.

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Barry Sterman

In memory of Barry Sterman

Dr Barry Sterman was one of the pioneers of neurofeedback and is known for his groundbreaking work on the functioning of the human brain.

We honour his memory and his legacy.

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Annual Conference for Applied Neurofeedback (ACAN) 2024

ACAN 2024 - a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration and innovation!

From 7-8 June in Bucharest, Romania.

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Gemütlich lesen

Christmas giveaway - Take your chance to win the bestseller "The Body Keeps The Score" by Bessel van der Kolk

The festive season is here and with it the perfect opportunity to cosy up with a cup of hot chocolate. Of course, an exciting read is a must!
We would like to brighten up the festive season and are giving away a copy of the bestseller "The Body Keeps The Score" by Bessel van der Kolk. 

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studie overview


Here you will find an overview of the latest studies in the field of Neurofeedback.

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What is neurofeedback? What is biofeedback? And how does a neurofeedback session actually work? - An overview of the most important terms in Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is becoming more and more well-known and many terms are becoming more common. But what do they actually mean? We would like to explain the most important of these terms in this blog post. 

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seelische gesundheit

Aktionswoche der Seelischen Gesundheit bei BEE Medic

Vom 10. bis 20. Oktober 2023 setzt sich die Aktionswoche der Seelischen Gesundheit unter dem Motto „Zusammen der Angst das Gewicht nehmen” mit dem Thema Ängste in Krisenzeiten auseinander. Das Aktionsbündnis Seelische Gesundheit verfolgt das Ziel,  auf die unterschiedlichen Strategien zur Bewältigung und auf das vielfältige psychosoziale Hilfsangebot in Deutschland aufmerksam zu machen sowie mentale Erkrankungen zu entstigmatisieren.

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