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Annual Conference for Applied Neurofeedback (ACAN) 2024

Description du cours

Meet experts from scientific and clinical practice at this two-day conference in Bucharest. The event will feature inspiring lectures and discussion panels as well as practical Neurofeedback workshops. We will present a comprehensive overview of modern Neurofeedback research and daily clinical practice. ACAN provides a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration and innovation


In addition, the conference offers ample networking opportunities. Attendees will have the chance to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas and foster collaborations.

Contenu essentiel de l'enseignement

Don’t miss the ACAN event – We will cover all aspects of running a successful practice for mental health professionals working with established Neurofeedback approaches. We are delighted that renowned international speakers will share their knowledge and the latest scientific findings in the field of Neurofeedback:

  • Dr Meike Wiedemann
  • Dr Siegfried Othmer
  • Roxana Sasu
  • Daniela Nita
  • Olga Kara
  • Dr Horst Schneider
  • Saghar Vosough
  • Dr Victoria Ibric
  • Saghar Vosough
  • Shemaila Saleem
  • Dr Catalina Ciubotarescu 
  • Dr Henning Laugesen


Après le cours, vous pouvez

  • Impulses for better practice: Be inspired by leading Neurofeedback experts and peers. Leave with a bundle of knowledge about actionable ideas to achieve even more with Neurofeedback.
  • Discover new opportunities: Get latest insights and expert perspectives from discussions, lectures and workshop sessions. 
  • Expand your global network: The ACAN draws leading Neurofeedback experts and mental health professionals from around the world. Meet face-to-face to connect to collegues, engage in meaningful conversations, join workshops & networking opportunities.

Points forts du cours

Join us with international experts at an excellent location in Bucharest, Romania!

Lieu de l'événement

Bucharest - Caro Hotel
164A Barbu Văcărescu Blvd.
020285 Bucharest

Période / Durée

07.06.2024 – 08.06.2024
Local time: Europe/Bucharest

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Neurofeedback Romania Institute
040101 Bucharest


  • Englisch
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