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Milica Pavić

Milica Pavic


Milica Pavić is the engineer of electrotechnics and inventor of COMBY EEG CAP and EEG electrodes, and founder of PAMEL company in 1992. The design of COMBY EEG CAP is based on her clinical experience on EEG recordings on Croatian University referent clinic for EEG in Zagreb, in different routine and special kinds of EEG recordings as a specialist-engineer. Milica has been a lecturer for courses in biofeedback and neurofeedback for the last 10 years, using her extensive clinical and technical knowledge of EEG and EEG related technologies to teach therapists in understanding of EEG basics and how to achieve the best recording results.

Expérience en matière de neurofeedback

  • Works with Neurofeedback since 2012

Portefeuille de cours

  • Basic Trainings


  • Croatian
  • English

Autres offres

  • Technical support for EEG techniques and recordings
  • Special technical solutions for different EEG and NF protocols