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Andrea Icking

Andrea Icking


Andrea Icking is a qualified psychologist with training in humanistic, depth psychological and systemic therapy methods and an additional qualification as a clinical psychologist, BDP (Association of German Psychologists).

For the longest time of her professional life, she worked in various large companies in human resources and organisational development or in corporate development and acquired her MBA degree parallel. Her entire professional life was accompanied by a strong interest in the results of recent brain research and the resulting treatment options. Thus, she became increasingly aware of the successes of neurofeedback training and set up her own psychological practice for neurofeedback in Bremen in 2019. Her treatment successes and the demand motivate and confirm her every day anew.

Expérience en matière de neurofeedback

  • works with Neurofeedback since 2019

Portefeuille de cours

  • Basic Trainings


  • German
  • English

Autres offres

  • Supervision for individuals