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In memory of Barry Sterman

01. février 2024

Dr Barry Sterman was one of the pioneers of neurofeedback and is known for his groundbreaking work on the functioning of the human brain. 
After completing his doctorate in psychology and neuroscience at the University of California Los Angeles in 1963, Barry Sterman began his research. Among other things, he investigated the effect of a substance made from rocket fuel on cats on behalf of NASA. Almost all the cats suffered epileptic seizures, except those whose brains had previously been trained to produce more SMR rhythms. One of Sterman's co-workers, who also suffered from epilepsy, agreed to the experiment of training her brain with rewarding feedback on the desired EEG activity and was thus able to reduce her seizures. This self-experiment was published in 1972 and is considered the birth of clinical neurofeedback.

Barry Sterman

With this discovery, Barry Sterman paved the way for neurofeedback in its current form. His discoveries and tireless work have not only expanded our understanding of the brain, but have also enabled numerous applications in medicine.
Barry passed away last December at the age of 87. We remember him and his legacy with the greatest respect and appreciation.





picture source: LinkedIn