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Morten Trabjerg Nyborg

Morten Trabjerg Nyborg


Morten Nyborg holds a Masters degree in History of Ideas. Morten has studied welfare technologies and their implementation in society.

In 2020 Morten worked with the Danish partner team to spearhead online neurofeedback courses. Today he instructs multiple courses. Morten has since his introduction to the field also worked with clients experiencing a variety of issues, related to anxiety, ADHD, Autism, pain and sleep.

Morten is dedicated to spreading the awareness of neurofeedback. He assists professionals in implementing neurofeedback and supervises and supports practitioners across Denmark. In 2023 Morten spoke at the ACAN conference in Birmingham about how we as practitioners explain neurofeedback.

Erfahrungen mit Neurofeedback

  • Worked with neurofeedback since 2020


  • Basic Courses
  • Advanced Trainings
  • Information Days
  • Practicum Days


  • English
  • Danish