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6 reasons for online Neurofeedback training

18. August 2020

The increasing digitalization brings us many advantages in everyday life. However, especially when it comes to e-learning and in particular to professional and medical training, there are often concerns as to whether further education can really work online. 

With the online courses with training providers accredited by us, we have already convinced numerous of our customers. Of course, this is also a question of character, but with the following six reasons for digital learning, we would like to show you the advantages of online courses.

1. The technique: Online training works easily

When it comes to digital learning, questions about technical equipment often arise first. "Is my technical knowledge adequate to complete the course?", "Do I have the necessary technical equipment ?" and "What software do I need?" we are often asked.

This is not surprising, because especially in the field of mental health you work primarily with people and not on the PC. And a few years ago you might have had to install programs. Fortunately, this is no longer necessary today.

To take part in an online course you only need a PC or laptop with a steady internet connection. Of course, a webinar software is still required to allow several people to participate in a online course at the same time. You will see, we make sure that everything works perfectly. You do not have to worry about it.

When selecting the webinar software, we therefore pay attention to the following aspects:

  • You do not need to install or download new programs or special software
  • You simply need an internet connection and you will receive a link from us which will take you to the course with just one click
  • We only use professional, well-proven software
  • And we pay attention to the protection of your data

Technical support is available during the whole online course and can be reached at any time by phone, chat or e-mail. And for a relaxed start on the course day, we usually offer individual "pre-tests" 3 days before the course, in which a support employee checks the technology with you and shows all functions such as video and microphone settings.

Nahaufnahme Person am Laptop während eines Webinars

2. Special group dynamics in the online course

Learning together connects. Everyone of us knows that. Usually you quickly notice if you feel comfortable in a course, with the lecturer and with the other participants and a specific group dynamic develops.

This is exactly what happens online, too. Because most participants may have already attended a webinar, but only have little experience with online courses lasting several days. This brings people together automatically. And often getting to know each other via monitor is very interesting: you are curious to see how the others are doing, you will be proud when everything is running smoothly and you gains insights into other practices and rooms - which can be more exciting and personal than coming together at a "neutral course location". Despite the physical distance, there is a fairly personal exchange, because you give insights into your personal environment and at the same time your are feeling very familiar.

At any time during the course you can see the lecturers and, depending on the screen settings, the other participants; you can talk and ask questions - just like in a face-to-face meeting. The advantage is that you can also deactivate your camera at any time.

3. online learning with a varied course concept

With the online courses with training providers accredited by us, you don't have to sit in front of your PC or laptop all day. Apart from presentations, the online course also includes:

  • discussions
  • workshops in small groups in virtual classrooms
  • film sequences
  • and the practical training

And of course there are regular, sufficient breaks, which you can spend at your favourite Italian restaurant around the corner. You can stretch your legs, do little things, greet the children from school or exchange ideas with other course participants.

4. Planning reliability and time savings

Online courses offer you planning security. The courses take place regardless of any regional or national travel or assembly restrictions or quarantine requirements. You also minimise your risk of infection. In particular, you save time by eliminating travel time. You will not have to travel the day before the course, which is usually necessary, nor will you have to make the return journey after several days, which is often considered to be particularly long. In addition, the cost of food and accommodation is reduced compared to a location-bound course. Rather, you can also process what you have learned in familiar surroundings after the individual seminar days.

5. Free use of the Neurofeedback equipment during the whole course

During the online courses, you practise with the Neurofeedback systems of BEE Medic GmbH, the NeuroAmp® amplifier and Cygnet® Neurofeedback software. In advanced and indicator-specific courses, you usually already have a system in place and can easily use it for the practical part, as well as for local courses, where many participants usually have their own system. For the Neurofeedback online basic courses, you can buy a complete system before the course starts. The advantage is that you can practice during the course and you can start immediately after the course in your practice. You can also borrow a free complete system for trying and testing during the course.

6. Train several employees or colleagues with little effort

Online training courses are ideal for group practices and if you want to learn neurofeedback together with colleagues. Several employees or colleagues can be trained simultaneously. The time off for the course can be well planned and is limited. There are also no costs for travel and accommodation. In 2020 you will also benefit from an attractive discount campaign.

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E-learning in the medical field may still be new to many people, but you can see that there are also some arguments in favour of digital learning. Innovative e-learning concepts guarantee personal exchange and professional education at a high level.

In our course overview you will find numerous online courses for 2020, ranging from one to two-day advanced courses to our 5-day Neurofeedback Basic Courses, which you can either complete in one go or on two consecutive weekends.