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BCIA Accredited Neurofeedback Online Didactic Course

Course description

This course is BCIA accredited, meets the requirements of the BCIA blueprint and counts towards 36 BCIA didactic hours.

Our faculty includes a medical doctor presenting neurophysiology and neuroanatomy, a neurologist presenting on psychopharmacological considerations, and two psychologists with knowledge of a variety of systems and approaches with over 20 years experience in the field. Attendees will become part of a community that meets regularly to discuss experiences and address questions. Additionally, you will be eligible for reduced fees for future courses offered by Sadar Psychological/BrainARC.

Essential teaching content

This bundle includes:

  • 36 Hour Online BCIA Didactic Certification Course
  • Sample NF Forms and Resources
  • 36 APA CE’s
  • 5 hours of live virtual community cohort Q&A meetings
  • 6 hours of live virtual practicum experience
  • 1 complimentary mentoring session
  • Discount on mentoring sessions required towards BCIA certification
  • Complimentary equipment during practicum
  • Discount on live, in-person weekend practicums
  • Access to the Sadar NF Student Knowledge Center – Including supplemental documents and resources, videos, two case studies, and forms ($20/month value?)
  • Supported learning dyads


United States - Sadar Psychological & Sports Center
1288 Valley Forge Rd
19460 Phoenixville
United States

Period of time

05.06.2024 – 11.09.2024
Local time: America/New_York

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Affordable self-paced home-study training program with 36 hours BCIA Didactic education, 36 APA CEs, with options to add 10 hours live community meeting and practicum training.

Sadar Psychological offers three options to begin your journey as a Neurofeedback practitioner all of which include our industry leading BCIA accredited course.


Sadar Psychological & Sports Center

1288 Valley Forge Rd, Phoenixville, PA 19460


  • English



Included in the price

Optional Add on Extended Case-Study Experience - $3,250 total

Training points

Those who complete the course and pass the test at the end are eligible for 36 APA CE’s.

More Information

This BCIA Training – Self Guided bundle is ideal for:

  • Practitioners that do not already have equipment
  • Practitioners that are new to NF
  • Practitioners who prefer access to live resources throughout the course
  • Practitioners who prefer to be part of learning community
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