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Customer Highlight: Dashunda Washington, M.A., MFT

12. March 2024

Meet Dashunda Washington, CEO of Life Healing Therapy, LLC & Neurotherapy in Chesapeake, VA! 

Dashunda is a pre-licensed resident in Marriage Family and Couple Therapy. She was first introduced to neurofeedback as an intern at Fly Family Therapy under the supervision of Dr. Lanier Fly, Kristen Fly (LMFT), and Dr. David Fly. 

Customer Highlight: Dashunda


"Neurofeedback is an effective treatment for mental health. [...]  The highlight for me is witnessing the transformation in my clients and my clients being able to live life well. 

As compared to other neurofeedback equipment, I have found BEE Medic equipment to be more effective for neurofeedback treatment.  BEE Medic equipment allows me to provide real-time feedback to my clients based on their brainwave activity. The feedback can take various forms such as auditory cues, visual displays, or tactile sensations. BEE Medic software provides customized training protocols tailored to my client's specific needs and goals. With BEE Medic software I can adjust training frequencies and reward thresholds to provide optimal treatment.  Using BEE Medic software provides me with the ability to track my client's progress over time.  BEE Medic software provides a personalized experience for my clients who enjoy gaming by rewarding the brain to develop skills related to focus, stress management, and emotional regulation."


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