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Customer Highlight: Lucie Ritchie from Heal Psychotherapy Inc.

14. May 2024

Meet Lucie Ritchie from Heal Psychotherapy Inc.!

Heal Psychotherapy Inc. is a private practice located in Toronto, Canada. The center is equipped with licensed psychotherapists who specialize in the treatment of trauma, ADHD, and addiction. They also work with athletes to improve performance.

Lucie Ritchie is the founder of Heal Psychotherapy Inc. She is a Doctoral Candidate, a licensed psychotherapist, and a Clinical Traumatologist who is passionate about helping people maximize their potential through trauma-focused interventions like neurofeedback. Her practice, Heal Psychotherapy, is gaining significant attention for the meaningful work that Lucie and her staff provide.


"BEE Medic provides excellent service and easy-to-use software and equipment. As a result of adding neurofeedback to our practice, we have seen fast and lasting results in our clients. For example, our student clients have shown measurable differences in their grades and are passing exams. Many have stopped dissociating and can feel an embodied sense of self as a result, while others no longer live with the struggle of mental health symptoms. It is amazing to see human potential improve in as little as three months as clients progress in their neurofeedback journey."

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