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Expert panel: Feedback animations

19. May 2020

Which animation do I need for my practice? Which feedback variant is used most often and is most effective? If you have asked yourself these and other questions in the past, our new offer from the online expert panel is just right for you!

Neurofeedback Animations Overview
Neurofeedback training

As we are constantly receiving queries about our animations, we would like to invite you to a panel of experts with our lecturer Philippe Gauffriau! In this two-hour round we will present many of our animations in detail and answer your questions. Learn which animations are particularly suitable for which patient groups and which setting options are available. Become more confident in using Cygnet and the animations.

The course is aimed at all users of ILF neurofeedback therapy who have completed a basic course and have already treated some patients with the system. Expand your knowledge by the following points:

Overview of all available animations
Selection criteria of animations based on the target group
Demonstration of various animations
Setting options and customizability

The seminar is unfortunately in the past, a registration is no longer possible!