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First Annual Conference for Applied Neurofeedback - 16-17 June 2023 in Birmingham, UK

31. May 2023

This year, the first Annual Conference for Applied Neurofeedback, ACAN for short, will take place in Birmingham. From 16 to 17 June, international experts will give insights into modern Neurofeedback research and the latest scientific findings in lectures and discussion panels, with a focus on the topic of trauma. Practical Neurofeedback workshops will cover innovative technologies such as virtual reality, QEEG, Neurofeedback in peak performance and biofeedback. 

"We are delighted to have some renowned figures such as Sebern Fisher and Siegfried Othmer attending the conference to share their expertise. The conference offers concentrated expertise and the ideal opportunity to gain new impetus and inspiration for practice. I am sure that the conference will offer great added value for all participants," says Alan Beresford, UK Manager of BEE Systems Limited. Participants of the conference can expect insights into daily clinical practice and the integration of innovative technologies such as virtual reality Neurofeedback and biofeedback applications into Neurofeedback practice. Renowned experts will give keynote presentations on how and why Neurofeedback is playing an increasingly relevant role in the field of trauma therapy. In addition, current experiences with Neurofeedback treatments at Long-Covid will be discussed.


Mental health professionals from all over the world attend ACAN. The conference thus also offers a valuable platform for intensive exchange and enables all participants to receive new impulses for improved practice and optimized application of Neurofeedback as well as to expand their network internationally. "With ACAN, we want to create an international platform for application-oriented Neurofeedback," says Johannes Spallek, Managing Director of BEE Medic GmbH, and continues: "Participants can not only get into personal contact with colleagues and be inspired by like-minded people, but also leave the conference with a bundle of knowledge and implementable ideas to achieve even more with Neurofeedback.


More information and details on the conference as well as the opportunity to purchase tickets can be found here.