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Bild von Gernoth Wührer

Gernot Wührer


Gernot Wührer is a master pedagogue, certified psychologist, yoga teacher and sports psychologist. He has over 20 years of experience in pedagogical-therapeutic work with children, teenagers and adults. He worked in particular as a social competence trainer for people with autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia therapist and seminar leader for siblings and educational professionals. 
He has been working with ILF Neurofeedback since 2017. As a neurofeedback therapist he specializes in the treatment of children with autism, AD(H)S, learning disabilities, mental retardation and language development disorders as well as in the training of competitive and professional athletes.

Experience with neurofeedback

  • works with Neurofeedback since 2017

Course portfolio

  • Basic Trainings
  • Indication based Trainings


  • German
  • English

Additional offers

  • Supervision for individuals