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How to hook up electrodes for Neurofeedback self-training

08. April 2020

We all experience weeks of special challenges. Due to initial restrictions and cutbacks in public life, we all experience uncertainties and stressful situations. At the same time, new ideas emerge everywhere and some of us have something that is often neglected in the normal bustle of everyday life: more time! We would like to invite you to use this time for neurofeedback training.

Our lecturer Thomas Theis will show you how it works. Without further ado, he grabbed his camera and explains how to find the most important electrode positions on your own head for neurofeedback self-training and how to attach the electrodes to yourself. And with a little practice this is easier than you think.

Click here for the Video (in German)

Give it a go! Because regular practice is also important for experienced users. You will improve your Neurofeedback skills and gain more and more routine for assessing symptoms and deriving the electrode positions and treatment protocols. The nice thing about Neurofeedback according to Othmer is that we do learn by doing and through this constantly expand our skills.

Therefore, practice on yourself as often as possible and use Neurofeedback regularly for yourself as part of your self-care. Pay attention to yourself and your own mental health in stressful everyday life and stressful situations! This will benefit your clients and last but not least you personally.

By the way, self-awareness and self-training are also part of our certification. You can find all information about this on this website in the certification menu.

Many thanks to Thomas for the video and have fun practicing!

We are working on the subtitles, so that we can soon make the video available in other languages, too.

Stay healthy!