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Mastering Neurofeedback & The Othmer Method

Course description

This 3 and ½ day course is designed to help practitioners who have completed either the 5-day In-Person Introductory Course in Neurofeedback, the 6-week Distance Intro Course, or the Blended Introductory Course, to solidify their understanding of the Othmer Method clinical model and methodology. The course provides a comprehensive review of the fundamentals of the Othmer Method of Neurofeedback, including the patterns of disregulation, arousal indicators, and case studies. In addition, you will discuss clinical decision-making, protocol development, and frequency optimization with colleagues, and conduct neurofeedback training sessions. The course aims to refresh your knowledge and experience of using neurofeedback to improve self-regulation and enhance brain function.

    Essential teaching content

    What You Will Learn

    • Review key material from your introductory course like the fundamentals of Othmer Method Infralow Neurofeedback
    • Examine our clinical model while receiving the latest approach to optimizing your clients' Neurofeedback protocols
    • Improve your practical skills in electrode placement and how to adjust training sites and frequency, based on clients' clinical presentation
    • Gain proficiency in interpreting client responses & adjusting protocols so you empower your clients to function better while enhancing their capacity to benefit from other therapeutic interventions
    • Increase your confidence in assessment & protocol development
    • Re-optimize your own training protocols
    • Network with other professionals in your field, exchange ideas and learn from their experiences


    EEG Info Training Facility
    6400 Canoga Ave. Suite 210B
    91367 Woodland Hills
    United States

    Period of time

    29.01.2024 - 02.02.2024


    6400 Canoga Ave # 210

    Woodland Hills, CA 91367

    • Phone: (818) 456-5975


    • English



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    Who Should Attend?

    This course is ideal for those who have taken the Distance Intro Course and would like to have an in-person experience, those who took the class a while back but wish to refresh their concepts and learn from others, those who wish to have an opportunity to reoptimize their training with the help of other experienced practitioners, and those clinicians who are passionate about what they do and recognize that the Othmer Method is an ever-evolving experience.

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