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Olga Kara

Olga Kara


Olga Kara is a neurobiologist with a specialization in human psychophysiology (Ph. D), an MBA in bio business and neurotechnology and has a masters degree in Psychology (psychological counseling, neuropsychoanalysis). She works as Psychologist, Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and Neuromodulation (tDCS, tACS etc.) provider as well as QEEG/ERP specialist.

She has more than 28 years of experience in the field of neuroscience, including research on the neurobiological foundations of the development of nerve tissue and adaptation mechanisms at the cellular level (study of neuroprogenitor stem cells), registration of brain signals from implanted (intracerebral) and surface electrodes in patients with various pathological conditions , study of mechanisms of attention, memory and decision-making in healthy people and changes in these functions in pathological conditions. She actively participates in the development of the latest approaches in the field of psychophysiology of sports.

Olga Kara is engaged in the research of the neurobiological and psychophysiological foundations of cognitive processes in humans. Her main interests include development of objective methods of neuro visualization and brain mapping for functional brain diagnostics, personalized brain trainings, neuromodulation and application of latest brain-computer interface in psychological practice.

She currently heads the research and consulting company Brain Fitness BFC (O-Brain research and Consulting (Finland)), which provides services in the field of applied neurobiology, neurotechnology and psychophysiology.

She is a chef clinical consultant in X-clinic - Clinic of Adaptation Medicine in Saint Petersburg, Russia and scientific researcher in Institute of the Human Brain, Russia as well as a member of International Neuropsychoanalaytic society.

Experience with neurofeedback

  • works with Neurofeedback since 2000

Course portfolio

  • Neurofeedback Basic Trainings


  • English
  • Russian

Additional offers

  • Individual supervision
  • Group supervision