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Patient information about Neurofeedback for your practice marketing — what matters

12. October 2020

In considering the flood of information about health services via the Internet, Apps and brochures, it is more important than ever to provide patients with specific and well-founded information. Patients' need for information is particularly high for Neurofeedback. After all, ‘What exactly happens if electrodes are attached to my or my child's head?’ is a more than justified question. However, reliable, comprehensible information is hard to find and serious medical offers are difficult to distinguish from those that are not. The patient flyers of BEE Medic offer a very good opportunity to explain Neurofeedback to your clients in a professional and understandable way.


Practical marketing — support for individual communication with patients

Practice marketing is not at all an easy task for many health professionals and therapeutic working groups. Always in a tense relationship between the economic necessity to market modern health services on the one hand and the regulations of advertising and competition law and the adherence to professional guidelines - which have to be considered - on the other hand. After all, health is our highest good and it is not appropriate to deal with promises of salvation lightly.

Certainly no easy terrain. The among PR and marketing professionals in Germany much quoted marketing principle  "Do good and talk about it", which goes back to a booktitle from 1961, is not so easy for practices to realize.

At this point, however, it should also be said that individual and active communication with the patient is the top priority for practices. No marketing tool in the world can replace empathy, your professional skills and direct communication with patients.

Neurofeedback is also a therapy method that is difficult to understand for a large proportion of patients. ‘What happens exactly with me?’, ‘Why do we need electrodes at the head?’, ‘Does it hurt?’ (here, for the sake of completeness: No, it does not) are typical questions. And especially in the field of mental health and working with young patients, personal communication is your most important means of building trust.

We are happy to support you with professional, targeted information. Patient flyers are a particularly simple and at the same time very efficient way of informing patients about your Neurofeedback services and giving them an initial orientation.

But how do you recognize good patient information?
Neurofeedback Patienteninformation von der BEE Medic GmbH
Neurofeedback Patientenflyer der BEE Medic GmbH
Patient information - what is important

In short: Good information to patients focuses on patients and their questions rather than on a specific device, manufacturer or brand. You — not patients — need the therapeutic know-how, the advantages and details of a particular process or Neurofeedback system and the knowledge to integrate it in the therapeutic process.

Therefore, the information we provide to patients does not focus on any of our brands or products. Rather, we look at the following aspects:

  • How does the neurofeedback session work?
  • How does neurofeedback actually work?
  • Are there any requirements for neurofeedback therapy?
  • What do I have to consider during the therapy?

This information is complemented by references to important indications and specific therapeutic objectives.

You receive meaningful materials that support you in active patient communication and convey relevant knowledge to your clients in a short and understandable way.


Neurofeedback explained in an accessible way - here you can obtain up-to-date patient information

Customers of BEE Medic GmbH can order the Neurofeedback patient information directly via the webshop. The following patient information is currently available in the form of flyers in German and English:

  • Neurofeedback — improved brain function for all ages
  • Neurofeedback in ADHS — Information for ADHS patients and their families

A field for your practical stamp allows you to individualise the flyers. We would also be happy to provide you with a digital copy. Please contact the customer services of BEE Medic GmbH at or