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A short book review - Restoring the Brain. Neurofeedback as an Integrative Approach to Health

16. November 2020

The time has come: the second edition of Restoring The Brain, edited by Hanno Kirk, was published this year by Taylor & Francis. This update was eagerly awaited by many. For this volume, the editor has once again been able to attract book chapters from well-known users and researchers in the field of ILF Neurofeedback, including our chief therapist Meike Wiedemann.

Some of the topics from the first edition have been reintroduced, but more than half of the chapters have been newly added or at least fundamentally revised. The volume is again divided into three parts: from the basics (theory, history and electrophysiology) to clinical application and certain areas of application and indications. The book can be considered as essential reading: for all those who want to learn more about the background and current research on ILF Neurofeedback. New findings are also included, for example from sleep research: although the positive effects of ILF Neurofeedback are well known, P. Terrence Moore has contributed a solid summary of scientific results in his chapter "The Sleeping Brain: Neurofeedback and Insomnia". But trauma research is also well represented in Monica Dahl's revised chapter: for example, the case of Jackie O, a Special Ops combat medic (Destert Storm and Iraq). Neurofeedback has helped her once again 2018 after ups and downs:

"Two days after completing five HD ILF booster sessions, without any additional sessions, she reported that her wounds were completely closed, her slepp quality was restored, and she could fall asleep without alcohol or medications, with her sleep free of nightmares. (p. 270)

This is just one of many case studies covered in this excellent book. The only basic criticism is that other Neurofeedback therapies besides ILF Neurofeedback have hardly been considered. However, ILF Neurofeedback has been observed to have many positive effects, so a book with a clear focus on ILF Neurofeedback has its place.


Details about the book:

Restoring the Brain
Neurofeedback as an Integrative Approach to Health

Edited by Hanno W. Kirk
2nd Edition
First Published 2020
eBook Published 12 February 2020
Pub. location New York
Imprint Routledge
350 pages eBook ISBN 9780429275760