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Thomas Theis


Thomas Theiss is a certified neurofeedback therapist (OMC) and a state-approved occupational therapist.
He has 20 years of experience in occupational therapy in the fields of pediatrics, neurology, child, youth and adult psychiatry. He is an NLP Practitioner as well as trained in sensory integration therapy, Perfetti, Bobath and various behaviour-therapeutically oriented techniques for children and adolescencts. He runs two occupational therapy practices focussing on ILF neurofeedback according to Othmer in the north of Hessen and teaches this method in German and English both nationally and internationally. Mr. Theis and his team have performed more than 10,000 documented neurofeedback sessions with over 300 clients in the last 5 years.

Experience with neurofeedback

  • works with Neurofeedback since 2015

Course portfolio

  • Basic Trainings
  • Advanced Trainings
  • Indication Based Trainings/Special Trainings
  • Information Days


  • German
  • English

Additional offers

  • Supervision for individuals
  • Supervision for groups