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Evelyn Gollwitzer

Evelyn Gollwitzer


Evelyn Gollwitzer is an occupational therapist since 1999 in various occupational therapy practices. She treats children, adolescents and adults with AD(H)D, learning and behavioral disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, pain syndromes, psychosomatic illnesses and dementia.

She is a certified Montessori teacher, sensory integration therapist, holistic memory trainer and has numerous advanced training courses in neurocognitive rehabilitation and behavioral therapy-oriented methods.

Evelyn Gollwitzer has been working with ILF neurofeedback according to Othmer since 2015 and has used this method almost exclusively in her therapies ever since.

She has been running her own practice for occupational therapy & neurofeedback in Erlangen since 2019.

Experience with neurofeedback

  • Works with Neurofeedback since 2015

Course portfolio

  • Neurofeedback Basic Trainings


  • German

Additional offers

  • Supervision for individuals
  • Supervision for groups