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Kurt Othmer

Kurt Othmer


Kurt received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1998 with a minor in music and his Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1999 from the Davidson Honors College at The University of Montana. At the age of 9 Kurt Othmer found himself part of the neurofeedback community due to the needs of his brother Brian. Kurt's parents Sue and Siegfried Othmer became the leading educators and innovators in the neurofeedback field.

Kurt founded EEG Info in 2002 as a new home for his family's training courses and clinical work. He also formed a non-profit in 2003 after his late brother The Brian Othmer Foundation, with its primary project Home Coming 4 Veterans, a non-profit outreach program providing free services to veterans through over 200 volunteer clinicians worldwide.

Kurt Othmer along with his family continue to educate professionals and pioneer the clinical developments in the field.